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Student Alto Saxophone

$29.95 per Month

Alto Sax

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Glen Edwards Alto Sax Rental

$35.95 per Month

Edwards Alto Sax

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Deluxe Two-Tone Alto Sax

$39.95 per Month

Deluxe alto Sax

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Soprano Saxophone Rentals

from $39.95 per Month

Soprano Saxophone

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Marinelli SS622 Soprano Sax

$59.95 per Month

Intermediate Soprano Sax

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Prelude Selmer Alto Sax Rental

$39.95 per Month

Selmer Prelude Saxophone

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Jupiter Alto Sax Rental

$35.95 per Month

Jupiter Alto Sax

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Vito Saxophone Rental

$39.95 per Month

Vito Alto Saxophone

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Selmer Alto Saxophone Rentals

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Selmer AS500 Sax

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Tenor Sax Rentals

from $37.95 per Month

Tenor Sax Rentals

Tenor Sax

Black and Gold Alto Sax

from $39.95 per Month

Oboe Rentals

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Baritone Saxophone Rental

from $129.95 per Month

Baritone Sax Rental

Types of Clarinets Online Rental Program

Our Saxophone Rentals: Please view our website options. You will find Alto Saxophones, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophones and even Baritone Saxophones. All of our saxophone are serviced and checked before we ship them out to you. Your alto sax will arrive ready to play with all the basic accessories you need to get started with your sax lessons. Select from 3, 6 or 9 month rental options. Rental goes to monthly billing at the end of the up front rental period you select and you may return at anytime. There is a purchase option with every rental which allows you to apply up to a specific amount of paid rental fees toward the purchase of your instrument. There are economical advantages to paying for a larger block up front and those options can be reviewed on the options page for the saxophone you select. Insurance and repair coverage are included. We can ship your Saxophone Rental anywhere in the USA! Order Online Now.